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Chuck Kowalski

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Chuck Kowalski has been involved in the futures industry for nearly 15 years. His roles in the industry include commodity broker, analyst and a private trader. Chuck also writes commentary on the commodity markets as well as educational articles for commodity and futures traders.


Chuck has worked in the futures industry as a commodities broker and market analyst for more than a decade. He is currently the lead market commentator for FuturesBuzz.com. Chuck also provides detailed daily futures trading analysis on FuturesBlog.com.


Chuck has two degrees in Finance and Economics from Florida State University. He is also an avid reader of trading books and periodicals on the futures, commodities and stock markets.

By Chuck Kowalski:

Many investors venture into the commodities markets unprepared and lacking the basics of what it takes to be successful in trading commodities. My goal is to educate new and current traders and help prevent them from making many of the mistakes that are too common in this industry.

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