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The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008 by Commodity Research Bureau

The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008 - Review

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The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008 by Commodity Research Bureau
The Commodity Research Bureau annually produces The CRB Commodity Yearbook, which is packed full of fundamental information on more than 100 commodities. The material is presented in a well-organized manner that is unmatched by any other publicly available source that I know of. The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008 is an excellent place to learn about the variety of commodities available to trade around the world and it will save you countless hours trying to track down fundamental information that may or may not be available elsewhere.

Commodities Research

More than 100 commodities are covered in The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008. The commodities are listed in alphabetical order and each profile begins with a description of the commodity and then moves on to what factors have influenced prices recently.

Then, the Yearbook focuses more fully on supply and demand factors that are critical to the commodity. You will also find long-term charts on most of the exchange-traded commodities to give you an idea of how prices traded throughout the decades.

The CRB Commodity Yearbook has done extensive work in deciphering vast government reports and summarizing them into table format. For example, you can find the world production of corn for each of the last ten years, broken down by the top twelve producing countries. Or, you can find out how much sugar has been used for the top 12 categories in the United States for the last 10 years.

The data goes on and on, but you can expect a good breakdown of supply and demand for each commodity over the last several years. I also like how The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008 gives you the top producing states and countries for many commodities. This can be very helpful when weather or political problems develop.

Excellent Reference Material on Commodities

The CRB Commodity Yearbook 2008 is an excellent place to start your research on commodities or keep as reference material to help you in your research of trading commodities. The 2008 edition was published in June 2008 and they produce a new version with updated material every year. The CRB Commodity Yearbook will undoubtedly increase your fundamental education of commodities and give you years worth of important data right at your fingertips.

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