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Book Review of New Trading Systems and Methods Fourth Edition by Perry Kaufman

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Book Review of New Trading Systems and Methods Fourth Edition by Perry Kaufman
If you were ever looking for a trading book that has a condensed version of almost every trading method you could imagine, look no further than New Trading Systems and Methods, Fourth Edition by Perry Kaufman. This book has more than 1,100 pages that describe numerous commodity trading systems and various methods you can use in your trading. Kaufman also provides a great service to his readers by providing insight into the pros and cons of many different trading methods.

Commodity Trading Methods

Many new traders begin trading without putting a method to the madness. Trading by the seat of your pants will often results in substantial losses. There are many commodity trading books to help you learn, where each authors typically focuses on just a few trading methods. With New Trading Systems and Methods, you can learn the basics of a trading strategy after reading just a few pages. With most books, you have to read about 100 pages on each method.

When I was reading through this book, I wish I would have started here years ago. Having an abundance of trading strategies in a condensed and easy to read format is invaluable. You can save yourself a lot of time by using this book when you are searching for commodity trading methods. When you find a method that suits your trading style, you can do more research to get a complete understanding before you start trading it.

There are too many trading strategies described in New Trading Systems and Methods to list in this review. However, it is a good bet you can find some methods that will work for you. This book also comes with a CD that includes the TradeStation and Ecxel spreadsheet code, where you can test and implement the indicators, methods and systems. This book can be used as an excellent reference material for experienced traders or a great starting place for new commodity traders.

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