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Commodity Trading Book Reviews


Books on trading commodities has always been a large part of a commodity trader's education. Some of the best books on commodities trading are reviewed, rated and summarized in order to help you decide which books you might want to read.
  1. Fundamentals of Commodities
  2. Trading Stories From Real Commodity Traders
  3. Complete Commodity Trading Plans
  4. Specific Commodity Trading Strategies

Fundamentals of Commodities

Considered the basics of investing in commodities. Learn what commodities are and how to value them. You will find background on individual commodities and the supply and demand factors that determine the outlook for commodity prices.

Trading Stories From Real Commodity Traders

Commodity traders recount their successes and struggles in the world of trading commodities, futures and stocks. Some of the stories are entertaining, but they are mostly educational as you can learn from their mistakes and use some of their techniques for trading commodities successfully.

Complete Commodity Trading Plans

These books provide the complete package in trading commodities. They cover an explanation of the markets and and what it takes to be a successful trader. There are also excellent strategies for trading commodities, futures and stocks as well as discussions on controlling your risk.

Specific Commodity Trading Strategies

Learn specific strategies for trading commodities and futures. Most of the traders who wrote these books have spent a great number of years researching and trading these strategies.

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