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Commodity Trading Systems

Commodity trading systems are a mechanical way of trading the commodity markets. This means that a systems gives you automatic signals to buy and sell commodities. This section teaches you how to design your own trading system or purchase a system that meets your trading objectives.

Diversify Commodities in a Trading System
Some trading systems work well just trading one commodity, but most systems do much better trading a large number of diversified commodities. A diversified group of commodities tends to offer smoother and more reliable returns than a system focused on one commodity.

Commodity Trading System Returns
We’ve all seen the ads for commodity trading systems that state returns in excess of 100 percent a year. Actually, that is being kind. Many of these ads state returns in excess of 200 percent a year, even though a small disclaimer informs the potential buyer that the returns are based on hypothetical results.

The Turtles Trading System
The original Turtles Trading System is described in this article. It was originally created by Richard Dennis and taught to his students in 1983. Richard Dennis used this very same system to make a fortune and he is one of the top traders and money managers of all time. His students made an average of 80 percent annual compound rate of return...

Ease Your Stress with a Commodity Trading System
A commodity trading system can benefit traders in many ways, but one of the major benefits is that it can help lower the amount of stress a trader endures.

Review of Secrets of Traders by Larry Levin
Secrets of Traders by Larry Levin provides a futures trading course to help traders learn how to trade the e-mini S&P and commodities. The trading program includes a Futures Trading Manual, several DVDs, a mental trading course and one on one trading help with Larry Levin.

Review of At The Open - An E-Mini S&P 500 Trading Course
DayTradeToWin.com offers an e-course or trading methodology for trading the e-mini s&p 500 futures contract. At The Open tends to get you into the market in the direction of the daily trend without chasing the market.

What is a Commodity Trading System?
Commodity trading systems are a mechanical or computerized means of trading the commodities and futures markets.

Should You Buy A Commodity Trading System?
There are many issues involved in buying a commodity trading system including: hypothetical returns, actual returns and why someone would sell a profitable system.

Developing a Commodity Trading System
Learn the basics of creating a commodity trading system including: markets to trade, entry rules, exit rules, money management, stop losses and an example of a simple commodity trading system.

Reviews of Commodity Trading Systems
Actual third-party testing and reviews of commodity trading systems and their performance rankings.

Commodity Trading Systems Advisory
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has posted an advisory on commodity trading systems that guarantee high profits with minimal risks.

What is a Trading System?
Before you can create a trading system, you need to know exactly what a trading system is.

Performance of Commodity Trading Systems
FuturesExaminer.com tests a variety of established commodity trading systems for real and hypothetical results.

Sample Commodity Trading Systems
Here are a couple of sample commodity trading systems from market guru Ed Seykota.

How Do You Know If A Commodity Trading System Will Actually Work
Everyone wants to make money trading commodities and using a commodity trading system could be the way to get there. Many people make consistent profits using a good commodity trading system and others watch their commodity accounts sink into the abyss. So, how does one know whether they actually have a good commodity trading system that will make consistent returns into the future?

Evaluating a Commodity Trading System
Whether you plan on buying a commodity trading system or you want to develop one yourself, there has to be a thorough evaluation of a system before you put your money at risk. Many commercially available trading systems do not perform as advertised and it takes a tremendous amount of work to develop and test a successful trading system.

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