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Review of Secrets of Traders by Larry Levin

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There are many books and manuals available to teach people how to trade commodities and futures – some are good and some are bad. To take it a step further, how many of the authors actually trade for a living? Many people may be surprised that a good number of these authors do not trade for a living and many cannot even prove that they trade successfully. This is a key selling point of Larry Levin at SecretsofTraders.com. Larry is a veteran floor trader at the CME and has a proven track record of success. He believes you should learn how to trade from someone who can prove they trade successfully.

Approach to Trading

I had the privilege of reviewing a good amount of the trading materials from Larry Levin at SecretsofTraders.com. It is a lot to absorb, but his trading program covers the whole spectrum of what it takes to be a successful trader. While there are some very good trading books out there, they can leave you with more questions on how to implement the trading strategies. This program takes more of an ongoing training and development approach, where you are able to contact Larry or his staff to review your trading and give you any help you need.

The program gives you a well-rounded understanding of the futures markets, which also covers the mental aspects of trading. From there, Larry covers several of the trading techniques he uses daily on the trading floor. To his credit, Larry is not shy about disclosing the struggles of most traders. Don’t expect to be successful overnight just because you purchased this program – it still takes time, practice and mental discipline to become a successful trader.

Larry’s Trading Techniques

This is what most traders want to see. How and when does a professional floor trader get in and out of his trades? I can’t reveal the actual techniques, but I can mention that most of them are not the common types of entries and exits you often see. Fortunately, they all have easy to understand entry and exit rules, but sometimes you will have to adjust them based on your own style and risk tolerance.

These trading techniques are not overly complicated and most traders with some experience should be able to pick them up rather quickly. The key to success, however, is to stick with the trading rules even during the eventual rough times.

How the Trading Program Rates

I didn’t see any red flags with the Secrets of Traders program and I have to believe anyone who takes the course should become a better trader. It certainly is not the cheapest course available, but you get what you pay for. Actually, there aren’t many trading courses available from a veteran floor trader - not to mention, providing documentation that they actually make money trading futures.
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 5 out of 5
A lot better than the other Courses I've taken...., Member wanderlust12

I won't mention names, but I tried very well known ""academy"" that teaches trading 3 years ago. I've been with Trading Advantage for 4 months and I've already learned TWICE as much here than I did at the other major firm. These guys actually CALL OUT SIGNALS. Entry, Stops, Exits. I was able to have a PERSONAL PHONE call with the Head Trader in the room. NOT my consultant... the actual trader (that is also a regular guest speaker on Bloomberg). His expertise was very impressive and anyone that fails at this Course is either doing something wrong or is just a plain idiot. They literally GIVE US THE TRADES 'LIVE' in the trading room! Every month I've been here has been profitable, but more importantly... they don't risk much at all. Do you want to know why Trading Advantage is expensive? BECAUSE THEY'RE WORTH IT. If you want to take a typical Course based on ""theory"", go elsewhere. If you want a PROFESSIONAL MENTOR that you can shadow trade until you are doing it on your own, go to Trading Advantage.

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