1. Money

Commodities Basics


This is where you want to begin your education of commodities. It is important to learn the types of commodities that trade on the futures exchanges and the contract specifications of each commodity. From there, you can learn more about reading futures quotes and charts in order to track the commodity markets.
  1. What Are Commodities?
  2. Types of Futures Orders
  3. Understanding More About the Commodity Markets

What Are Commodities?

First, start by getting a good understanding of what a commodity is and why people would invest in commodities.

Types of Futures Orders

Before you can begin trading commodity futures, it is necessary to learn the different types of orders you can place. Some futures orders are very simple to use for entering and exiting the markets, while others can be used to help control your risk.

Understanding More About the Commodity Markets

You'll probably want to know what makes commodity prices move after you have learned what a commodity is. There are a variety of factors that influence the prices of commodities, but you will likely get a greater education by following commodity futures prices on a daily basis.

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