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Managed Futures

Managed futures allow you to participate in the commodity markets with the benefit of having a professionally managed account. You will find many sources here to research the performance ratings and find out how to invest in managed futures.

Commodity ETF vs Managed Futures
Commodity ETFs or Managed Futures - Which is the better investment? Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Both can be good investemnts, but we will go over a few issues to consider before you make a decision.

Commodity Trading Advisor
A commodity trading advisor is commonly called a CTA in the commodity futures industry. A CTA does what the name describes – advise clients on making commodity trades for profit. A CTA is somewhat similar to an introducing broker, but a CTA typically takes the reins of investment decisions for clients.

What are Managed Futures
Managed futures are investments in the commodity futures markets that are actively managed by a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA). Managed futures are similar to mutual funds by design, but futures contracts are traded instead of stocks. The structure of managed futures has many benefits for the CTA as well as the investor.

Professional Money in Commodities
The commodity markets are known for the small speculator who tries to make an overnight fortune, with a total disregard for risk. Some hit it big, while some lick their wounds and vow to never return. This is the romantic part of the commodities markets, but there are professional money managers involved in the markets that methodically take...

Managed Futures Historical Performance
We take a look at the historical performance of manageed futures from 1980 to present. The returns have been greater than 11 percent compounded annually according to the Barclay CTA Index, but you have to look closer at the numbers to get a more accurate measure.

How To Find The Best Managed Futures Fund For You
Managed futures are an excellent way to invest in the commodity futures markets and many academic studies confirm that managed futures help increase long-term investor returns. Where do you start and which managed futures fund is best for you?

Diversify Your Portfolio With Managed Futures
Managed futures can be an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. Gains on managed futures are often uncorrelated with stocks and other asset classes.

Investing in Managed Futures
The details of investing in managed futures including CTAs, past performance, disclosure documents and futures trading strategies.

Portfolio Diversification with Managed Futures
How to diversify your portfolio using managed futures. A report from the Chicago Board of Trade.

The Benefits of Managed Futures
An article prepared by a Thomas Schneeweis at the University of Massachusetts explaining the benefits of managed futures.

Money Under Management in Managed Futures
The Barclay Group tracks the money under management in managed futures and is updated on a quarterly basis. There has been tremendous growth in managed futures since 1980.

Should You Invest In Managed Futures Or Trade Commodities On Your Own?
Managed futures are professionally managed investment accounts that invest in the commodities and futures markets. Managed futures are a good way to diversify your overall investment portfolio, but many investors wonder whether they should manage their own commodities trading account.

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