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Managing Your Portfolio

Managing a commodities portfolio requires some initial planning - a trading plan. You may tend to stray from a good trading plan, so we will focus on keeping you on track with managing your commodity trades, money management techniques and avoiding high trading fees.

Commodity Trading Versus Commodity Investing
Most people think of commodities as a speculative investment where it takes a lot of skilled trading in order to make money from this investment. In reality, an investment should be viewed as a more stable place to put your money to earn a decent rate of return. Money put into a commodities trading account can fluctuate widely from day to...

Commodity Investment for IRA
Commodities are considered one of the riskier investments, but they can be an excellent investment in an IRA if structured properly. The misconception by the general public and many investors is that the only way to invest in commodities is through commodity futures contracts. That can be a risky endeavor for a novice trader and that is...

Investing in Silver Eagle Coins
One of the best ways to actually get your hands on silver is to buy silver coins or bullion. There are better and more efficient ways to invest in silver, but many people like to have the physical asset in their possession. Actually, many people purchase silver for financial protection against runaway inflation or an economic catastrophe.

Commodities Review for 2012
Commodities were highly influenced by weather, political and financial issues around the world. This has been a trying year for commodities, but the year isn’t providing a breather as the Fiscal Cliff issue continues.

Taking the Time to Manage Commodity Investment
How much time each day does it takes to manage a commodities portfolio? I get asked this question often, especially from people who work full time jobs. The common notion is that you have to sit in front of your computer screen all day and be ready to spring into action to enter and exit positions. With the leverage of commodity futures...

The Copper Penny is Worth More Than One Cent
A penny is currently worth more than one cent because of the meltdown value of copper. The value could go even higher in the future if the price of copper continues to rise. This article offers some insight and tips on how to profit from saving and collecting pennies and nickels.

How Much of Your Portfolio Should be Invested in Commodities
Commodities have become more of a mainstream investment since the turn of the century and it makes sense to allocate more of an investment portfolio into commodities. Commodities don’t pay dividends, but they also don’t go bankrupt. Commodities help diversify an overall investment portfolio, but the allocation really depends on how you plan on...

Slow and Steady Commodities Account Management
The turtle typically wins the race when it comes to managing your commodities account. The turtle reference does not mean that a trader should be slow to react and make trading decisions with commodities. Rather, commodity traders should pace themselves for the type of returns they want to achieve for a one, three or five year period.

The Best Time to Buy Commodities
Commodity prices tend to move higher during periods of inflation. Sometimes the economy exhibits high levels of inflation, as the late 1970’s is a prime example. Interest rates approached 18 percent to combat the high levels of inflation and commodity prices reached record highs during this period. Not all periods of inflation are this...

Is it Possible to Trade Commodities for a Living?
Trading commodities for a living is a dream for most new traders, but a dream is a far thing from reality. We will discuss some of the things you can do to prepare for a full time trading career and decide if you are prepared for such a venture.

How Much to Risk on Each Commodity Trade
There are several schools of thought on how much of an account a trader should risk on each commodity trade, but there is not any definite right or wrong answer to this question. However, money management is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of trading commodities and you should certainly know how much you are risk before you...

The Danger of Greed When Trading Commodities
Greed could possibly be the greatest cause for commodity traders losing money. The enormous leverage in trading commodity futures allows traders to make very quick and large profits, but the same principle applies to losses.

The Psychology of Trading Commodities
Psychology plays an important role in trading commodities. The commodity markets can be confusing and many commodity traders make mistakes and lose because their minds were not focused.

Stop Loss Orders are Necessary to Manage Risk
Stop loss orders are a key component to your success in trading commodities and futures. Stop losses help to limit your risk and keep you disciplined when trading.

Managing Your Commodity Trades
Managing trades in a commodity account requires keeping portfolio risk low, not risking too much on any trade, trade with the trend and use discipline when trading futures and options.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Futures Traders
Bruce Babcock outlines the seven habits of highly successful traders.

How to Take a Loss
Lee Gaus discusses controlling the risk in your trading by taking small losses and using stop-loss orders.

Personality Type and Trading
Understanding your personality traits and how they impact your trading can be vital to your success.

When is it Time to Take a Break from Trading Commodities
Knowing when to take a break from trading commodities and futures is critical to your trading success. Stress from trading commodities can cause you to make make bad decisions and ultimately lose you money.

Commodities Portfolio - How To Diversify Your Commodities Portfolio
Diversifying a commodities portfolio typically provides more steady and safer returns in the long run. This is true whether you are simply buying a group of commodities to hold for a long-term investment or whether you are managing a commodities trading account.

Knowing When To Take Profits In Commodities
Taking profits in commodities is one of the more important aspects of the business of trading. New commodity traders are often conflicted with the emotions of fear and greed when it comes to taking profits.

Watching Volatility When Trading Commodities
Higher volatility normally means there are wider price swings and more risk when trading a commodity, but it also means you may need to adjust your trading strategy to fit the volatility of a market.

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