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Online Commodity Trading

Online commodity trading is increasing in popularity among commodity traders, but is it right for you? In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of online commodity trading, the typical fees and profile some of the larger online brokers.

ExpressFutures.com Review and Profile
A review of ExpressFutures.com. This company is an online futures broker. We examine their commission rates, trading platforms, research and the overall quality of this futures broker to report to our readers.

Mobile Trading Platforms for Commodities
Trading has evolved from placing orders through the telephone, to cell phones, to computers and now mobile devices are becoming commonplace.

Benefits of Trading Futures Online
Trading commodities and futures online has many benefits over using a full service commodity broker. Much lower commissions is probably the best reason, but you really can't rely on a broker to make all the trading decisions for you, unless he has proven to be a good trader over time.

Commodities Online Trading - Web or Desktop Platform?
There are many versions of online trading available for commodity traders and this can cause confusion or indecision. The good news is that many platforms and options are available for the benefit of traders and once you understand what you need, the process quickly becomes an afterthought.

Commissions in Online Commodities Trading
When trading commodities online, a trader has to monitor the sum of the commissions he is paying over the lifetime of the trading account. Many traders are aware of their commission rate, but they often don’t have any idea of how much they pay every month or year in commissions. For many, it is a huge shock when they run the numbers.

Review of Online Futures Broker Generic Trade
Review of Online Futures Broker - Generic Trade. This is an online futures broker that offers very low rates with no contingencies. That means there are no account minimums and you don't have to make a certain amount of trades to get their stated commission rate.

Electronic Trading Versus Pit Trading
Commodity traders still have the option of using pit trading or electronic trading in several commodity markets. The ICE futures exchange has increased its presence in recent years and it is completely electronic - no pit trading. The old school thought is that pit trading is the most efficient form of price discovery, but it is hard to deny...

Online Commodities Trading Versus Gambling
Online commodities trading is often compared to gambling. While many traders do resemble gamblers, the disciplined commodity futures traders are able to fight the urge to gamble and they have become very successful traders. Learn how you can distinguish between trading and gambling and how you can overcome gambling.

What is an Online Trading Platform
Learn about online trading platforms for commodity and futures traders. A trading platform allows commodity traders to place trades electronically from their own computer. The software program allows trades exection, account monitioring, quotes and charts, and other features for traders.

How To Start Trading Commodities Online
Trading commodities online is a fairly simple process to get started, but it is not something that should be entered into lightly. The traditional method of calling your commodity broker to place orders and waiting for a callback to give you a filled order price is quickly coming to an end. Therefore, if you want to trade commodities online, we will cover the process of how to start.

Online Futures Trading - Q and A With Matt Zimburg
A question and answer session with Matt Zimberg of Optimus Futures. Matt has vast experience in helping commodity traders navigate through online futures trading and using managed futures as an alternative to making their own trading decisions.

Online Commodities Trading – Benefits and Dangers
Online commodities trading has many benefits to commodity traders, but it also has many dangers to the novice trader.

Interactive Brokers Review and Profile
A review of Interactive Brokers where the focus is on the online futures broker part of their business. We are looking for low commission rates, trading platform, research and overall quality of this futures broker to report to our readers.

TradeStation Securities Review and Profile
Review of TradeStation Securities, which is an online futures broker that executes trades on futures, stocks and options.

Daniels Trading
Daniels Trading is an online futures brokers that provides discount rates, research and system trading.

Lind Waldock
One of the oldest and most popular discount and online futures brokers.

A discount online futures broker with a browser-based trading platform and a nice variety of tools to help with your trading.

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