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TradeStation Securities

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The Bottom Line

TradeStation offers one of the best trading platforms combined with some of the lowest commissions for online futures brokers. The technical analysis software and back-testing capabilities have won TradeStation numerous awards and popularity among technical futures traders. If you are an active trader or you are interested in testing your trading strategies, TradeStation is worth a close look.


  • Very Low Commissions
  • Excellent Trading Software
  • Numerous Awards Won


  • Base Platform Fee With Less Than 10 Trades


  • Trading platform that is among the most popular with futures and stock traders.
  • You would be hard-pressed to find lower commission when you are trading futures and futures online.
  • TradeStation charges a base platform fee of $99.95 per month if you don't make at least 10 round-turn futures trades.

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Trading platform / Software

TradeStation has the best trading software in the business. Their technical analysis and back-testing software has been recognized as the most popular among futures traders for many years. Now, the order entry and execution part of the software makes TradeStation a superior product. You can also automate the execution of your trading strategies by inputting your trading rules. It’s hard to believe, but the system will automatically place your trades, and if executed, it will monitor the positions and close them at your specified points.

It will take a little reading and practice to utilize fully the capabilities of their software, but it is well worth the effort. TradeStation does charge a monthly platform fee of $99.95 per month if you do not make at least 10 round-turn trades. If you are an inactive trader, you might want to take that into consideration.


TradeStation has just about the lowest fees for online futures trading. For electronically traded markets, you can expect to pay about $4 to $6 per round turn, including exchange and regulatory fees. If you trade over 300 contracts per month, the rates are even lower.

Opening an Account

The minimum size to open a futures account is $5,000. You can call their customer service to have the account forms sent to you or you can fill-out the online application. TradeStation also allows you to trade stock, and options from your account.

Website: TradeStation Securities
Phone: (800)808-9336

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Tradestation is horrible!, Member steveb5150

Don't waist your time and money w Tradestation. There customer service is the worst. There system goes down almost everyday, whenever there is news out. It took 17min for somone to answer there support line..17 min!! while I watched a winner turn into a looser. when some one finally answered he told me ""deal w it,, that's elctronic tading"". SAVE YOUR $ and FRUTRATION and choose another vender!

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