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Crude Oil: Brent versus WTI

While they are both crude oils- Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) have different properties and trade at different prices. The price differential between the two crudes can be very volatile...

Commodities Spotlight10


This article describes the copper market and how the price of copper can be viewed as an indicator of global economic growth or contraction.

Precious Metals- Gold

The article examines gold's role as a commodity and as a financial asset.

Natural Gas

This article outlines natural gas as a commodity and describes the fundamentals and price volatility of the commodity.

Precious Metals: Platinum Group Metals

This article describes PGMs or Platinum Group Metals. These are some of the rarest and most precious metals found on earth. The main focus is on Platinum and Palladium.

Crude Oil- Processing Spreads

This article describes how crude oil is refined into many different oil products including gasoline, heating oil as well as other products that are used every day. Crack spreads- the economics of refining oil into products, is explained.

Crude Oil: Brent versus WTI

The price differential between Brent and WTI crude oil can be volatile. This article explains the difference and price volatility between them.

About.com Commodities- Silver Gold Ratio

The relationship between gold and silver dates back thousands of years. Traders still watch this relationship today...

About.com Commodities

An introduction to the technomental approach to commodity markets.

Investing in Silver Eagle Coins

One of the best ways to actually get your hands on silver is to buy silver coins or bullion. There are better and more efficient ways to invest in silver, but many people like to have the physical asset in their possession. Actually, many people purchase silver for financial protection against runaway inflation or an economic catastrophe.

More Lows for Coffee and Sugar?

Coffee and sugar prices appear to be in a never-ending downward spin.  Coffee showed some signs of life earlier this month, but quickly resumed the downtrend.

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