1. Money

Commodities Types and Profiles


This is the place to find out more about the different types of commodities that are available to trade. Each commodity profile includes the contract specifications, fundamental information, important market reports to track and trading tips.
  1. Grains
  2. Energy
  3. Metals
  4. Softs
  5. Livestock


Some of the most popular commodities to trade. The grain commodities are very active during the spring and summer.


Fueling and heating the country, the energy commodities allow you to take advantage of everything from rising gas prices to supply disruptions in the Gulf of Mexico.


The metal commodities allow you to speculate on the price of precious metals or fluctuations in the prices of industrial metals.


The softs markets cover many of the food and fiber commodities. They are often consider exotic as many of these commodities are predominately grown in other regions of the world.


Pork bellies are probably the most recognized among the livestock commodities. Beef and pork are staples in most diets and these commodities offer some of the most reliable trending patterns.

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